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Specializing in meeting the domestic and international investing needs of high-net worth individuals, families and corporations.

Experience the GM Walton Investment Advantage

Founded in 1994, GM Walton Investment executives average more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry.

GM Walton Investment, LLC is a leading wealth management firm based in Miami that specializes in meeting the domestic and international investing needs of high-net worth individuals, families and corporations. Since 1994, GM Walton Investment has offered the highest levels of market experience, integrity, confidentiality and personalized service to clients. We distinguish ourselves not only by what we do, but through continuous client interaction aimed at understanding, implementing, managing and evaluating. We pride ourselves in delivering an uncommon level of individual service and client satisfaction.

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The GM Walton Investment Team

The team is supported by a core team of professionals who also have significant experience in the financial services industry. Their collective experience has resulted in a large network of both leaders of international corporations and institutions and affluent investors with whom our executive management has developed extensive relationships.


Our Values

Client Focus

The interests of our clients come first.

Client Focus


No one’s personal bottom line is more important than our client’s.



Utilizing the combined expertise of everyone in the organization to meet our client’s investment objectives



A commitment to finding unique GM Walton Investment solutions for our clients.



Management that translates vision into reality.


Our Products & Services

GM Walton Investment Services brokerage services provide a wide variety of investment products and services from which you can choose. Our Financial Professionals can help you with:

Fixed Income Securities

Our trading experience and market access help us provide clients with superior pricing in GM Walton Investment fixed income securities denominated in multiple currencies.

Stocks and Options

GM Walton Investment Service can execute trades in stocks or options in any major exchange worldwide and in the local currency of almost any country.

Currency Exchange

Our experience in dealing with multiple currencies gives us the ability to seek out the best exchange rates available. This can be very beneficial to clients that trade in securities denominated in foreign currencies.

Corporate Executive Services

GM Walton Investment has many corporations and corporate executives and owners as clients. We offer trading expertise for corporate portfolios and corporate pension plans and also assist our executive clients with stock option and restricted sales of their corporate securities.

Institutional Fixed Income Services

We work closely with our clients to trade and manage domestic and international portfolios. You can view GM Walton Investment as your outsourced fixed-income trading desk.

Financial Planning Services

Our experience working with international investors, combined with a network of tax and legal professionals, offers our clients the support and guidance needed to navigate the various nuances of tax and estate planning regulations without interrupting your long-term investment strategy..

Alternative Investments

GM Walton Investment works with key investment strategists to bring alternative investments to our clients, offering non-correlated investment options designed to increase portfolio diversification with the potential to enhance returns.


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GM Walton Investment's assets under management as of 2019


International markets served by GM Walton Investment Services


Returning clients and referral clients

Portfolio Management

Asset classes and market sectors fall in and out of favor. Conditions that generate a bull market in one part of the world may cause a bear market in another. Evolving technology, geopolitical developments, fluctuating economies and the ebb and flow of companies’ fortunes create new opportunities—and new risks—around the world every day. In fact, today’s investors are faced with more volatility, more variables, more risk—and more opportunities—than ever before. GM Walton Investment's Investment Advisory Service, is designed to lower your risks and investment costs, while providing you the opportunity for the consistent, competitive returns you seek.

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At GM Walton Investment Services we provide an institutional style approach to our high net worth clients that seek domestic and international investment direction.

“In today’s investment environment, the conservative investor needs greater diversification in his or her portfolio in order to achieve desired returns without undesirable risks. GM Walton Investment Advisory Service is designed to help our clients meet that goal.”